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John S.

I am 57 years old, totally disabled and have been using a wheelchair to get about since 2002. My home was built prior to my need for the wheelchair and it is not set up for someone with physical limitations. I’ve struggled for years with my activities for daily living and must have home health care workers to assist me.

I’ve had a bathroom with a standard tub/shower and it has been very challenging even with help for me to get in the shower. I recently discovered that the bathroom toilet was loose and after contacting Don Miller at Miller and Sons Plumbing to check it out, found that it had been leaking underneath and had rotted the flooring around the toilet and the bath tub.

My homeowner’s insurance company agree to cover the cost of replacing the flooring and referred me to Rumsey Construction and Restoration who looked at the damage and informed me of what would need to be done. We knew that the tub/shower, which is a one-piece insert, would have to be removed in order to replace the flooring, so we began a discussion to determine if we could make changes to make my shower more accessible so that I wouldn’t have such a struggle every day.

The staff at Rumsey Construction and Restoration was genuinely interested in creating a better environment for me and sincerely wanted to help. They spent hours researching possible options we could go with and returned to my home to review them with me and to take measurements to determine if we could make it work. Our final decision was to replace the tub/shower with a wheel chair accessible roll in shower put a new water faucet control on the wall to make it easier for me to adjust the pressure and temperature and also move the toilet and sink to give me the best possible access to the roll in shower. We also planned to install grab bars in the shower and behind the toilet for my safety and stability. The space in my hall bath is very limited, so all of the work was planned to give me the most room to maneuver my wheelchair.

The folks at Rumsey Construction and Restoration completed the work quickly. I know have a bathroom that is safer and much more accessible than before, and I am very pleased with the results. For anyone who has or knows someone with physical limitations and would like to make modifications in their home to create a safer and more independent environment, I encourage them to give Rumsey Construction and Restoration a call. They will be happy to help you.

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